Energy efficiency

Medium to large business energy efficiency grants

Program name:
Business Recovery Energy Efficiency Fund

The Business Recovery Energy Efficiency Fund will help Victorian businesses fast-track investments that create more efficient production lines and improve their competitiveness. The grants are open to medium and large energy using industrial and commercial businesses.

Electricity feed-in tariff

Program name:
Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme

The Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme offers payments households, schools and not-for-profit organisations for electricity exported to the grid from solar PV systems, batteries and electric vehicles.

Consumer advocacy and research grants

Program name:
Advocacy for Consumers of Energy Grants Program

The Western Australian Advocacy for Consumers of Energy Grants Program will provide support to household and small business energy consumer advocacy and research so that that the long-term interests of energy consumers are served.

Electric bike loan scheme

Program name:
Canberra Electric Bike Library 

The Canberra Electric Bike Library project offers different styles of bikes you can borrow and try.

Lighting efficiency web tool for business

Program name:
Lighting Efficiency webtool

The ACT Government and Canberra Business Chamber Lighting Efficiency webtool provides basic advice about improving the lighting efficiency of your business. 

Home energy assessments for renters

Program name:
Renters’ Home Energy Assessments

The ACT Government Renters’ Home Energy Assessments program provides Australian Capital Territory residents who rent their home with free home energy assessments. 

Electricity smart meter upgrade

Program name:
Upgrade my meter

The ACTewAGL Upgrade my meter scheme gives ACT households access to detailed information online about their electricity usage by changing to an electricity smart meter.

Refrigeration upgrade incentives

Program name:
Energy Savings Scheme

The Energy Savings Scheme can assist eligible New South Wales businesses with upgrading existing refrigeration equipment to make it more energy efficient or installing new energy efficient equipment. 

Homeowner help with renovations, repairs and maintenance during COVID-19

Program name:
Jobs Rescue and Recovery scheme

The Northern Territory Government Jobs Rescue and Recovery scheme helps homeowners, businesses and tradespeople deal with the economic impacts of COVID-19. The scheme will fast-track around 5000 ‘screwdriver-ready’ projects in Northern Territory homes.

Container deposit refund scheme - SA

Program name:
Container Deposit Scheme

The Container Deposit Scheme enables people in South Australia to take eligible beverage containers to return points and receive a 10 cent refund for each container. You can choose to keep your refund or donate it to charity.