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Home energy efficiency advice


The ACT Government Sustainable Home Advice Program service provides ACT residents with information, advice and activities to minimise home energy use and reduce energy bills without compromising comfort.

A home energy efficiency assessment is conducted by an experienced and qualified energy efficiency adviser. A fee applies unless you hold an eligible Pensioner Concession Card. The assessment provides a home energy assessment report that includes:

  • the information collected during the assessment process
  • a prioritised list of recommended home energy efficient improvements
  • practical solutions and behavioural changes you can make to reduce energy use.


Participants can:

  • receive a free or low-cost service
  • reduce energy bills without compromising comfort
  • learn how to conduct a self-assessment audit using the Home Energy Action Kit
  • learn easy, no or low cost ways to reduce energy
  • learn about energy-efficient home design.


This service is available to all ACT residents.

Other conditions may apply.

Next steps

Check your eligibility and apply at the ACT Government website or call 1300 141 777.