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Sustainable Household Scheme


If you're eligible, you can get a loan from $2,000 to $15,000 to buy energy-efficient products. These include:

  • rooftop solar panels (restricted eligibility)
  • household battery storage systems
  • electric heating and cooling systems
  • hot water heat pumps (HWHP)
  • electric stove tops
  • electric vehicles (cars)
  • electric vehicle charging infrastructure
  • ceiling insulation
  • installation costs for these products.

Over the life of the scheme, you can install one product or a bundle of products from the list of eligible products. Together, these can be valued at up to $15,000.


Open to residents of the ACT who either own a home or hold a current driving licence (when applying for a loan for an electric vehicle).


Administered by: ACT Government

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Phone: 13 22 81