Case studies


The case studies listed below demonstrate the multiple benefits and options to business and industry to improve resource efficiency and sustainability. The scope of the case studies spans behaviour change initiatives, introduction of new technologies, energy efficiency and sustainability options.

Please note that references to various organisations, including commercial organisations and/or particular products on this website, are included for the information of the reader only and should not in any way be construed as an endorsement of any organisation or product by the department. Conversely, the fact that a particular organisation or product is not mentioned should not be taken as an indication of the department’s opinion of that organisation or product.

Energy Efficiency Information Grants (EEIG) program

EEIG case studies The Australian Government’s EEIG program assisted several industry associations to develop practical energy efficiency information for small to medium sized businesses.

Aged care

Sustainable Living Tasmania 9 energy audits done in Tasmanian aged care facilities. The Level 2 energy audits identified measures that could be taken to reduce energy use and where possible an indication of costs and potential savings.


Automotive Energy Information Program The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce implemented the program in October 2012 to identify and promote energy efficiency practices and resource. Case studies were developed via energy audits conducted across a diverse range of businesses.


1200 Buildings Program A City of Melbourne initiative which seeks to catalyse the environmental retrofit of 1200 non-residential buildings or 70% of the commercial building stock within the city. A range of case studies have been developed profiling a range of buildings which have been upgraded as part of the program.

Council House 2 Melbourne City Council case study profiles CH2, a 6 star building which features shower towers, phase change materials and chilled ceiling panels as the energy-efficient radiant cooling system. In the summer, the building is naturally cooled at night by purging air.

Green Building Council of Australia 57 case studies demonstrating innovative ways project teams are implementing sustainable practices in the built environment.

Energy efficiency certification scheme 6 case studies demonstrating energy efficiency improvements across a range of building types.

Energy Efficiency Council – government buildings 9 case studies describing successful energy efficiency projects in government buildings across Australia.

Energy Efficiency Council – commercial buildings 11 case studies describing successful energy efficiency projects in commercial buildings across Australia.

Sustainability Victoria Several office building case studies describing energy efficiency audits, building upgrades and major retrofits.

University of Queensland (UQ) Case study describes UQ’s energy efficiency program at St Lucia Campus, where centralised energy management provided a better understanding of its energy use.

Chemical manufacturing

Incitec Pivot Gibson Island This case study details the energy efficiency assessment process undertaken at Gibson Island with 3 projects being identified and implemented: advanced process control, refractory coating and improved efficiency of feedwater pumps.

Co-generation and tri-generation

Goldman Energy 8 case studies demonstrating energy efficiency improvements achieved through co-generation and tri-generation solutions for aquatic centres, recital hall, jet base facility and buildings.

Ironbark sustainability Case study describing the comparative advantages of co-generation versus high efficiency boilers and solar PV to improve the energy efficiency of an indoor aquatic centre.

La Trobe University Case study outlines the benefits of co-generation at La Trobe University.

Simons Green Energy 16 case studies across clubs, hotels, university building, resort and brewery, office building, arts centre, aquatic centres and retail and residential complex.

Energy comparison companies

Make it cheaper 19 case studies for a range of businesses demonstrating reduced energy bills through utilising the energy comparison service to switch to cheaper energy contracts.

Energy efficiency

Captech 15 case studies covering sectors inculding different types of power generation, manufacturing, retail, grocery, mining, sugar processing, ski resort, local government and metal fabrication.

CNW Energy Saving Solutions Case study demonstrating energy efficiency and lighting upgrade in an indoor multi sport complex.

Enman Pty Ltd 18 case studies across hotels, commercial buildings, refrigeration plant, school building and retail outlet demonstrating energy systems and technology improvements to achieve energy and financial savings.

Genesis Now 4 case studies covering manufacturing, community education and recreation using a number of technologies including, lighting upgrades and smart controls, variable speed air compressors and solar PV.

Energy companies

Ergon Energy 9 energy saving case studies covering an aquarium, not-for-profit, college, medical distribution centre, flying doctor base, nursing home, community health centre, an aging office tower and university campus.

Ergon Energy 4 demand management case studies covering agri-business, supermarket, boarding school and retail business.

Sustainable savings 4 case studies across office buildings, manufacturing, hotel and medical centre businesses demonstrating savings achieved through implementing a range of energy efficiency initiatives.

Farming and agriculture

AgInnovators 35 case studies covering an extensive range of energy, water and sustainability options to improve on-farm productivity for a range of farm types.

Cotton Industry 44 case studies on a wide range of sustainability and efficiency improvement options applicable to cotton farms. 8 specifically relate to energy.

Dairy Industry 17 case studies demonstrating the benefits of a range of energy management and improvement strategies applicable to dairy operations.

Energy Efficiency Information Grants Watts in Your Business project, conducted by Apple and Pear Australia Ltd, completed energy audits of 30 packhouses and orchards Australia-wide.

Horticulture Innovation Australia Case study about a Western Australia carrot farm focusing on energy efficiency and reducing process wastes.

Inoplex Case study describing how power requirements for the Kia-Ora Piggery can be generated onsite from biogas produced from pig waste products.

Leedn Energy 6 commercial solar and energy efficiency case studies demonstrating benefits for produce suppliers.

Qld Farmer's Federation Implemented and proposed actions across the Queensland farming sector involving a range of technologies such as air conditioning, irrigation, pumping options and upgrades, energy storage, fans, heating, insulation, lighting, refrigeration, solar, tariffs and variable speed controls.

Reaqua Solar Pumping 7 case studies demonstrating benefits of solar water pumping technologies for a range landholders including cotton and wheat, sheep, cattle and mining.

Food and beverage manufacturing

Murray Goulburn Co-operative Rochester A team-based approach relying on ‘people know-how’, combined with sound measuring and monitoring enabled a dairy processing company to gain impressive dollar savings.

Winery Energy Saver Toolkit 3 case studies describing energy gains through tank insulation, air compressor and solar electricity generation and co-generation (solar electricity and hot water generation).


Sustainable Freight A range of sustainable freight case studies.


Clean Energy Finance Corporation 115 case studies across agriculture, housing, infrastructure, local government, manufacturing, property, transport and universities and a range of energy technologies.

Environment Protection Authority Victoria 20 case studies post-2005 and 8 pre-2005 focusing on improved resource efficiency and increased business sustainability.

Hunter Water 3 case studies covering waste water treatment and water pumping upgrades.

NSW Office of Environment and Heritage 28 case studies across accommodation, aged care, clubs, education, food and beverage, government, manufacturing, printing and service providers

NSW Government 5 case studies about solar panels and systems.

Sustainability Victoria 53 case studies covering agriculture, beverages and alcohol, building and construction, food processing and storage, hospitality and services, manufacturing, plastics and chemicals, retail, textiles and fashion and home renovation).

Sustainability Victoria 6 building case studies in the commercial sector.

Victorian Energy Saver – Farms and Business 13 case studies covering:

  • abattoirs and meat processing
  • bakery processing
  • breweries and wineries
  • cold storage and food processing
  • confectionery processing
  • cropping and livestock
  • dairy
  • fruit and vegetable packing and processing
  • grain milling
  • horticulture and fruit
  • piggeries
  • poultry and eggs
  • wineries and vineyards.

Industry bodies

Chemistry Australia 13 case studies covering a range of activities including energy, water and waste reduction, resource recovery and reuse and farm plastic recycling in the chemical industry.

Live Performance Australia 12 case studies covering both indoor and outdoor venues including issues such as lighting, air conditioning, energy monitoring and sustainability.

Museums and Galleries 5 case studies canvassing a range of different lighting solutions available to museums and galleries.


Ecovantage 21 case studies demonstrating the benefits of lighting upgrades in a range of scenarios.

enLighten Australia 25 case studies demonstrating energy savings, cost and maintenance benefits from the retrofit installations of light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Maximum Energy 4 case studies demonstrating the benefits of lighting upgrades in a range of scenarios.

shineon 56 case studies demonstrating the benefits of lighting upgrades in a range of scenarios.

tigerlight 25 case studies demonstrating the benefits of lighting upgrades in a range of scenarios.

WBS Technology 28 case studies demonstrating energy savings achieved through improvements in emergency and commercial lighting installations.

Office-based businesses

CitySwitch 24 case studies demonstrating how office-based businesses have improved their energy and waste efficiency.

Large multi-site

Energy and Carbon Solutions 19 case studies from large multi-site clients demonstrating energy savings achieved through upgrading air compressors, lighting and solar installations.


Analyses of Diesel Use for Mine Haul and Transport Operations This case study demonstrates analyses of diesel use in trucks by trending energy data over time, development of models and simulations, use of indicators, and benchmarking, including theoretical benchmarking.

Iluka Resources Ltd Energy-Mass Balance This case study presents Iluka Resources Limited’s successful adoption of the Energy-Mass Balance (EMB) as the core method of energy analysis in its Synthetic Rutile facility in Iluka’s South West Operations, WA.

Thiess’ Australian Mining Business Unit Through the Energy Efficiency Opportunities Assessment Framework, Thiess found new efficiencies and dollar savings through payload management, automating mobile lighting equipment, plant idle-time management, and turbo idle-down time.

Small to medium enterprises

Moreland Energy Youtube video presents examples of businesses, community groups and families taking action to advance the City of Moreland towards zero carbon emissions.

Solar installations

Aglsolar 10 case studies demonstrating benefits of solar installations for agriculture, manufacturing, factory, car dealerships, zoo and restaurant businesses.

Australia wide solar 24 case studies demonstrating benefits of solar installations for government, education/community, commercial, domestic, standalone solar storage and bespoke businesses.

Energy Matters 36 case studies demonstrating the benefits of solar installations to a range of business types of varying size.

GemEnergy 13 case studies covering schools, manufacturing, business, irrigation and off-grid.

Going solar 10 case studies describing solar installation benefits for commercial construction, government and community organisations.

Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions 7 case studies showing benefits of solar power in manufacturing, clubs, childcare, healthy lifestyle centre and a chocolate factory.

Infiniteenergy 323 solar installation case studies across manufacturing, engineering and transportation, government and local council, education and medical, retail and hospitality, agriculture, produce and wineries, community and large residential and live monitored solar power systems.

Planet Ark Power 6 case studies covering solar installations and benefits achieved for commerce and industry, government and school applications.

Prana Energy 3 case studies about solar installations for commercial digital machinery operator, manufacturer of custom-built motor bodies and a cold storage facility.

Solarhybrids 9 case studies covering off-grid and solar hybrid systems.

Verdia 15 case studies incorporating lighting upgrades and solar for aged care, health and education, food processing and agribusiness, government and infrastructure, manufacturing, other industries and property and retail operations.


EnergySmartStrata 3 case studies about apartment buildings across Sydney reducing their energy usage and costs.

Jamesons strata management Case study demonstrating reduced energy consumption in apartment building achieved though lighting upgrades.

Systems optimisation

Case Studies in Systems Optimisation These case studies demonstrate how systems optimisation can be used to improve energy efficiency and productivity in a wide range of industrial applications.

Other energy and water saving options

ecosave 30 energy and water saving case studies demonstrating savings achieved through implementing a wide range of efficiency options.

Energy Action 6 case studies featuring renewable power purchasing, upgrade to NABERS star ratings, solar installations, and reverse auctions, audits and upgrades.

Sustainable Focus 11 case studies featuring energy efficiency projects, automated energy control systems, demand management, solar power and diesel generation.

Tandem Energy 2 case studies demonstrating benefits of lighting upgrades, improved building management system controls, power factor correction and behaviour change.