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Aged care

Clean Energy Finance Corporation - Clean energy and Australian seniors' living Australian Government - Insights from the transformation of a disused Canberra office park into an energy-efficient seniors village.

Sustainability Victoria - Regis Aged Care Victorian Government - An energy audit revealed low-hanging fruit and provided traction for energy upgrades across several facilities.

Choice Energy - Energy saving solutions including selecting the right tariff structure, metering and monitoring and solar generation.

Sustainable Living Tasmania - A series of Level 2 energy audits conducted at facilities across Tasmania.


Clean Energy Finance Corporation Australian Government - Sustainable and energy-efficient farming in applications including refrigeration, pumps and solar.

Energy on-farm - Agriculture Energy Investment Plan.

AGL - Solar and energy efficiency solutions in the agriculture and manufacturing industries.

CottonInfo - Sustainability options for cotton farms covering energy, water and natural resource management.

Dairy Australia - Energy management including monitoring and tariff structure strategies.

Dairying for Tomorrow - Energy assessments at dairy farms across the country. Opportunities include heat recovery, cooling tower upgrades and improved energy monitoring.

Ivankovich Farms - A WA carrot farm’s significant savings via energy efficiency and reducing process wastes.

Inoplex - Victorian farms running combined heat and power generators on biogas from animal waste.

Leedn Energy - Commercial solar and energy efficiency for produce suppliers.

Qld Farmer's Federation - Implemented and proposed actions, covering energy management and a range of technologies.

Solar Panel Options - Solar installations on farms.

St Ignatius Vineyard and Winery - An energy assessment conducted under the Victorian Government’s Agriculture Energy Investment Plan.


Sustainability Victoria Victorian Government - Audits for opportunities and savings conducted in small, medium and large commercial buildings.

Energy efficiency in commercial buildings Energy Efficiency Council - Energy efficiency projects across Australia.

C40 Cities - A network of 97 megacities worldwide taking climate action. These case studies showcase projects in Sydney and Melbourne.

CitySwitch - Office-based businesses that have improved their energy efficiency and waste management.

Energy and Carbon Solutions - Large multi-site clients demonstrate savings through upgrading air compressors, lighting and solar.

Green Building Council of Australia - Innovative project teams implementing sustainable practices in the built environment. Building Management Systems - Projects integrating building control systems, including external sun sensors and automated solar shading.

Sustainable Focus - Energy efficiency projects, automated energy control systems, demand management and solar generation.

Tandem Energy - Lighting upgrades, improved building management system controls, power factor correction and behaviour change.

University of Queensland - UQ’s energy efficiency program at St Lucia Campus centralised energy management and provided better understanding of its energy use.


Live Performance Australia - Energy upgrades at indoor and outdoor venues including lighting, air conditioning and monitoring equipment.


Hunter Water - Waste water treatment, pumping upgrades and renewable energy solutions.

Ironbark Sustainability – Smart lighting webinar - Smart lighting pilots and projects conducted by Australian councils and locations around the world.

Moreland Energy - YouTube video of businesses, community groups and families working to advance the City of Moreland towards zero carbon emissions.


Energy Efficiency Information Grants Australian Government - Lighting upgrades in a variety of small businesses.

CNW Energy Saving Solutions - Energy efficiency and lighting upgrades in an indoor multi-sport complex.

Ecovantage - Commercial lighting upgrades in a variety of building types.

enLighten Australia - Energy savings and other cost benefits from LED installation.

Genesis Now - Lighting upgrades for manufacturing businesses using smart controls.

Planet lighting - Medical lighting upgrades in Australia and overseas.

WBS Technology - Energy savings in emergency and commercial lighting installations.


Clean Energy Finance Corporation Australian Government - Energy efficiency, sustainability and renewable energy projects at a variety of operations.

Energy Efficiency Information Grants Australian Government - Energy assessment outcomes and equipment upgrades.

ecoBiz Queensland Queensland Government - Manufacturers investing in processes to make their businesses more sustainable, including a foundry and textile manufacturer.

Energy sustainability for Queensland manufacturers Queensland Government - Projects covering various topics including demand management, variable speed control, HVAC and solar PV.

Sustainability Victoria Victorian Government - Manufacturers that have lowered their energy consumption, reduced emissions and saved money.

Chemical manufacturing

Chemistry Australia - Sustainability initiatives including energy, water and waste reduction, resource recovery and plastic recycling.

Food and beverage manufacturing

Beard and Brau (PDF 940 KB) - Increasing the yield of batches has also increased production efficiency and energy and water productivity.

Buderim Ginger (PDF 253 KB) - With the help of an ecoBiz rebate, Buderim has fitted energy-reducing technologies on its ventilation, air-conditioning and boiler systems.

Golden Circle (PDF 321 KB) - Sub-metering installed throughout facilities, optimising procedures and equipment on the canning line and automatic clean-in-place systems.

Priestley’s Gourmet Delights (PDF 226 KB) - With a custom power factor solution, Priestley’s reduced energy costs by over $6,000 in a 3-month period.

De Bortoli Wines - Industrial refrigeration optimisation using variable head pressure control and condensate sub-cooling. - Energy efficiency and sustainability improvements at food and beverage manufacturers.

Renewable energy for process heat - Site assessments to determine the technical and commercial feasibility of renewable energy for process heat.

A Renewable Feast - Businesses switching to renewable energy and substantially reducing their energy bills.

SA wine industry - Pernod Ricard Winemakers, Wirra Wirra and Kay Brothers are all committed to greater energy efficiency.

Sundowner Craft Breweries - 6 solar-powered breweries across Australia.


Analyses of Diesel Use for Mine Haul and Transport Operations Australian Government - Analyses of diesel use in trucks by trending energy data over time. Development of models and simulations, use of indicators and benchmarking.

Iluka Resources Ltd Energy-Mass Balance Australian Government - Adoption of an energy-mass balance (EMB) as the core method of energy analysis in Iluka’s Synthetic Rutile facility.

Thiess’ Australian Mining Business Unit Australian Government - Cost savings discovered through payload management, automating mobile lighting equipment, plant idle-time management and turbo idle-down time.


Uising an operating lease to finance motors (PDF 144 KB) NSW Government - Comparing finance options for end-of-life replacement of motors.

Using a commercial loan to finance motors with variable speed drives (PDF 179 KB) NSW Government - Comparing finance options for fitting motors with VSDs.


Business Energy Advice Program Australian Government - Energy and sustainability improvements in agriculture, buildings and services including lighting and solar upgrades.

Case studies in Systems Optimisation Australian Government - Systems optimisation can improve energy productivity in a range of industrial applications.

Clean Energy Finance Corporation Australian Government - Energy projects in sectors including agriculture, housing, infrastructure, local government, manufacturing, property and transport covering a variety of energy technologies.

Energy Efficiency Information Grants Australian Government - Energy efficiency information for small to medium sized businesses developed by industry associations.  

NSW Government - A range of technologies and sectors including accommodation, aged care, education, manufacturing and services.

ecoBiz Queensland Queensland Government - Energy and sustainability improvements in accommodation, food and beverage, manufacturing, retail, professional services and more.

Green Industries SA Government of South Australia - South Australian businesses exploring resource and energy efficiency and waste management.

Sustainability Victoria Victorian Government - Energy and sustainability improvements in agriculture, building and construction, food processing, hospitality, manufacturing, retail and more.

Museums and galleries

Museums & Galleries Queensland - Energy-saving lighting solutions for exhibition spaces.

Solar PV

AGL Solar - Agriculture, manufacturing, retail and restaurant businesses.

GemEnergy - Manufacturing, business, education, irrigation and off-grid.

Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions - Manufacturing, clubs, childcare and lifestyle centres.

Infinite Energy - Agriculture, manufacturing, transport, local government, retail and hospitality.

Solarhybrids - Off-grid and solar hybrid systems.

Verdia - Aged care, health and education, agribusiness, government, manufacturing and retail operations.


Clean Energy Finance Corporation Australian Government - Fuel efficiency, sustainability and renewable energy initiatives at road, rail and marine operations.

Sustainable Freight - Sustainability initiatives at road and rail freight operations, including warehousing and offices.

Waste heat recovery

Energy Efficiency Council Cogeneration and trigeneration systems installed at sites including office buildings, hotels and leisure centres.

Energy Power Systems – Crown Entertainment The 5.5MW cogeneration plant at the Crown Hotel complex has delivered estimated energy savings of more than $500,000 per year.

Energy Power Systems – Launceston General Hospital The cogeneration plant at the Launceston Hospital has provided more than 80% of its base-load power and a significant amount of its thermal energy requirements.

Goldman Energy Cogeneration and trigeneration solutions for aquatic centres, a recital hall, jet base facility and other buildings.

Inoplex Victorian farms that are meeting their power requirements using generators that run on biogas produced from animal waste.

Simons Green Energy Various building types including clubs, hotels, offices and residential complexes.