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Electricity generation

In 2021-22 total electricity generation in Australia increased 2% to 272 TWh (978 PJ), as demand increased across much of the country due to warmer and cooler weather at different points of the year.

Fossil fuels contributed 68% of total electricity generation in 2022, including coal (47%), gas (19%) and oil (2%). The share of coal in the electricity mix has continued to decline, in contrast to the beginning of the century when coal’s share was more than 80% of electricity generation.

Renewables contributed 32% of total electricity generation in 2022, specifically solar (14%), wind (11%) and hydro (6%). The share of renewable energy generation increased from 29% in 2021.

About 19% of Australia’s electricity was generated outside the electricity sector by business and households in 2021-22.

Australian electricity generation

Line chart showing total and renewable generation by year. Renewables generation starts to grow strongly from about a decade ago, and is at its record level in Calendar year 2022. Total generation appears much flatter in recent years, after earlier periods of strong growth.

Australian electricity generation by fuel mix

Stacked bar chart showing electricity generation fuel at five year intervals. The biggest source historically was Black coal which was about 60% of the fuel mix but has now declined to under 40%. The next biggest historically was Brown coal which has declined significantly. Natural gas and Renewables have both more than doubled their share across the time, renewables growing more recently and substantially outweighing gas now.

Australian electricity generation by fuel mix - calendar year 2022

Stacked bar chart showing percentages of generation by fuel type for each state and territory. Coal is the largest share in NSW, VIC and QLD. Coal is just under half of generation in Australia as a whole. Natural gas is the majority of generation in WA and NT and one quarter in SA. Oil is largest in NT but still only about 10 per cent. Hydro is the majority of generation in TAS. Other renewables is is a roughly three-quarters majority of generation in SA.

Australian electricity generation by industry - 2021–22

Stacked bar chart showing the industries generating electricity by state. The biggest bar in all states is the electricity sector, but generation by Mining and Manufacturing makes up about half of generation in NT. The second biggest bar in WA is Mining and Manufacturing. Nationally and in other states, the second biggest source is Other industries including residential solar sector.

Australian electricity generation from renewable sources

A stacked area chart of renewable generation. Hydro was historically nearly all renewable generation and has remained at fairly flat generation levels. Solar and wind have grown strongly since 2000 to each overtake hydro power. Wind grew first and then solar caught up and overtook it recently. Bioenergy generation has remained smaller and relatively stable.