Energy data


Energy production

Energy production rose 1% in 2021-22, to 19,111 PJ. Coal accounted for 61% of Australia’s energy production in 2021-22, followed by natural gas at 32% of Australia’s energy production.

Australia is a substantial net exporter of energy, including coal and natural gas, with net exports equating to over two-thirds of production.

Australian energy production - by fuel type

A stacked area chart showing production over time of different fuel types. Black coal production is by far the biggest but declining in the last few years. Brown coal, Oil and LPG and Renewables production are very small by comparison. Natural gas has increased greatly in the last decade.

Australian energy balance

A combined line and stacked area chart showing that Consumption and Net exports stacked together sums to equal Production. Over the decades of the chart, Net exports have grown far faster than Production. Exports are now twice as big as Consumption, showing the reason why energy production has increased strongly.