Northern Australia living

About these guides

These guides help you maintain a comfortable home year-round across the 3 northern Australian climate zones. They contain energy-saving ideas you can adapt to your individual needs and housing situation, while also reducing your energy bills.

Around 40% of energy in the average Australian home is used for cooling and/or heating, depending on your climate zone. Learning to design and manage your home efficiently can make a big difference.

Our practical, simple-to-follow actions are based on expert advice from people who understand living in the tropics and hot arid areas.

  • Design and manage your home more efficiently to take advantage of your local climate.
  • Make no-cost or low-cost improvements whether you’re a home owner or renting.
  • Create a more energy-efficient home that is cheaper to run by considering some longer term investments.

Northern Australia covers around 40% of the country’s landmass and includes a range of communities, languages, dwellings and climate zones. While the recommendations in these guides are relevant to many households, they are not tailored to remote and Indigenous housing. However, they could be adapted by individuals and organisations supporting such communities.

These guides include sections targeting each climate zone.

  • Find your climate zone and check the key design features you need to understand.
  • Read the information for all zones on how to get the most out of your air conditioner.
    • The Zoned Energy Rating Label provides a seasonal efficiency rating for 3 distinct climate zones across Australia, providing more detailed information regarding an air conditioner’s energy efficiency. 
  • Read the tips for your climate zone, tropical, sub-tropical or hot arid.
  • Find more information and contacts for extreme weather.