Energy data


Energy trade

Australia is a substantial net exporter of energy, including coal and natural gas, with net exports equating to over two-thirds of production. Around 91% of black coal energy production was exported in 2021-22, as was around 76% of domestic natural gas production and 86% of crude oil production.

Liquefied natural gas exports increased 7% in in 2021-22 and have grown by an average of 16% per year in the last decade.

Most of Australia’s energy imports are of refined petroleum products and crude oil, with the majority of consumption of these commodities met by imports. Domestic refineries imported just under two thirds of their feedstock, while 74% of refined product consumption in Australia was met by imports, the highest level on record.

Australian energy trade 2021-22

This is a picture showing energy imports on the left and exports on the right. The graphic reads: on the left: imports (petajoules) refined products 1555, crude oil and ORF 387, LPG 21, naturgal gas 152, coal and by-products 15. On the right exports (petajoules) coal 10196, natural gas 4637, crude oil and ORF 623, LPG 149, refined products 19