Energy and Climate Change Ministerial Council


Working groups

At its inaugural meeting on 24 February 2023, ECMC agreed to adopt five strategic priorities.  


ECMC priorities are:  

  • transforming Australia’s energy system to align with net zero while providing more affordable, secure, and reliable energy to Australians, (including improving regulatory certainty and efficiency for, and accelerating delivery of, dispatchable renewable energy, storage and nationally significant transmission projects)
  • efficiently and effectively contributing to the achievement of all Australian emissions reduction targets 
  • investing in Australia’s adaptation and resilience to climate change
  • empowering and comprehensively engaging with Australia’s regions and remote communities, including First Nations, on the pathway to decarbonisation and Australia becoming a renewable energy superpower
  • delivering a coordinated and strategic approach to achieving improvements in energy productivity across the economy. 

These priorities are underpinned by the following working groups:  

  • Adaptation Working Group 
  • Consumer Energy Resources Working Group  
  • Decarbonisation Working Group 
  • Energy Efficiency Working Group 
  • Energy Security and Resilience Working Group 
  • Energy Transformation Enablers Working Group 
  • First Nations Engagement Working Group  
  • Gas Working Group 
  • Governance Working Group 
  • Hydrogen Working Group 
  • National Energy Emergency Management Working Group 
  • Offshore Renewables Working Group  
  • System Planning Working Group 
  • Transmission Working Group