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Australian Petroleum Statistics

This monthly publication collects national and state statistical information on sales of petroleum products, exports and imports of petroleum products and crude oil, production of crude oil and condensate, refinery input and output, and stocks of petroleum products.

The Australian Petroleum Statistics is now available in a new format to make it easier to access and use official statistics on Australia’s petroleum supply and use. We will continue to enhance the publication in the coming months and welcome feedback to

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Australian Petroleum Statistics 2024 data extracts

Australian Petroleum Statistics 2023 data extracts

Australian Petroleum Statistics 2022 data extracts

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In January 2018 the Petroleum and Other Fuels Reporting Act 2017 came into effect and made the reporting of fuel data mandatory for Australian businesses meeting the reporting criteria.

From October 2022, reporting is required to be done through the new Liquid Fuels Gateway (LFG). Information on how to use the gateway is provided within the user guides and training videos:

LFG User Guide – Module 1 (LFG Overview) (DOCX 4.39MB)

LFG User Guide – Module 2 (LFG Administration) (DOCX 2.83 MB)

LFG User Guide – Module 3 (LFG Managing reporting - POFR) (DOCX 14.63 MB)

LFG User Guide – Module 4 (LFG Managing reporting - MSO) (DOCX 4.70 MB)

LFG User Guide – Module 5 (LFG Managing reporting - FSSP) (DOCX 2.26 MB)

Training Video – Module 1 – Logging in

Training Video – Module 1 – Maintaining your profile

Training Video – Module 1 – Navigating the LFG

New reporting templates are available below that will enable users to upload the data directly into the gateway. While the information in the guidance material remains the same, the reporting templates have been updated therefore both documents for each type of reporting should be interpreted together.

Field production

Field production reporting template (XLSX 25 KB)

Field production guidance notes (DOCX 127 KB)

Plant production

Plant production reporting template (XLXS 25 KB)

Plant production guidance notes (DOCX 121 KB)


Refinery reporting template (XLSX 24 KB) 

Refinery production guidance notes (DOCX 131 KB)


Wholesale reporting template (XLSX 29 KB)

Wholesale guidance notes (DOCX 134 KB)


Stockholding reporting template (XLSX 40 KB)

Stockholding guidance note (DOCX 139 KB) 

Biofuel production

Biofuel reporting template (XLSX 24 KB)

Biofuel guidance notes (DOCX 125 KB)


Australian Petroleum Statistics - monthly - 2023

Australian Petroleum Statistics - monthly - 2022

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Australian Petroleum Statistics - monthly - 2020

Australian Petroleum Statistics - monthly - 2019

Australian Petroleum Statistics - monthly - 2018

Australian Petroleum Statistics -  monthly - 2017

Australian Petroleum Statistics - monthly - 2016

Australian Petroleum Statistics - revisions information - May 2017 (PDF 284 KB)

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