Rebates and assistance


Home and business energy incentives


The Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS) is an energy productivity scheme by the SA Government. The REPS provides incentives for households and businesses to save energy. There is a focus on low-income households. 

There is a range of REPS activities that may be offered to customers by obliged energy retailers. 

Activities include the installation of:

  • efficient lighting products
  • low-flow showerheads
  • standby power controllers
  • ceiling insulation
  • high efficiency appliances
  • efficient water heaters.  

Households and businesses can access REPS activities by contacting any of the obliged retailers regardless of who they have an energy contract with, or by contacting any of the third party providers.

Next steps

To find out more, go to the Essential Services Commission of South Australia website.

You can also call 1800 633 592 (mobile phones and South Australian residents only) or (08) 8463 4444.