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Energy rating label



The Energy Rating Label shows the energy efficiency and energy consumption of rated products allowing comparison of running costs over the life of the product.

Energy efficiency is shown with a star rating of between 1 and 6 or 1 and 10, depending on the appliance, which can be compared to others of the same type and size. Energy consumption, in kilowatt hours (KWh), shows the estimated annual electricity usage of the product.

The star rating of an appliance is determined by its energy consumption and size, using the relevant Australian Standards for measuring energy consumption and minimum energy performance criteria. Appliances must meet these criteria before they can receive an Energy Rating Label.

Many air conditioners for sale in Australia and New Zealand now display a Zoned Energy Rating Label (ZERL). The ZERL provides a seasonal efficiency rating for 3 distinct climate zones — hot, average, and cold. The label displays performance information to help consumers select a product that is suitable for their climate zone. Ratings are up to a maximum of 10 stars for both heating and cooling.

The capacity output figures on an air conditioner label will let you know the amount of cooling and heating the model can produce.  Also included in the new labeling is a noise indicator, to show the volume in decibels of the internal and external units.

Labels on ducted systems are voluntary, so not all products will have one.  

There are 2 label styles:

  • the normal 6-star label.
  • the 10-star label for appliances rated as 7 stars or higher.

Energy Rating Labels must be displayed on the following new appliances:

  • household air conditioners (single phase, non-ducted)
  • washing machines
  • clothes dryers
  • dishwashers
  • televisions
  • fridges
  • freezers
  • computer monitors
  • swimming pool and spa pool pumps.

Energy Rating Labels may be displayed on the following new appliances (if the supplier chooses to participate in a voluntary labelling scheme):

  • swimming pool pumps
  • 3 phase air conditioners.

More information is available at the Energy Rating website: