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Home energy self-assessment kit


The ACT Government Home Energy Action Kit is available from libraries to assist ACT residents perform a home energy self-assessment and develop their own home energy action plans.

Each kit contains:

  • a power meter to measure your energy consumption and tell you the running costs of your appliances
  • an infrared thermometer to measure your fridge, freezer and hot water temperatures
  • a compass to work out the orientation of your home for identifying passive solar heating and cooling opportunities
  • a stopwatch to measure your shower and tap flow rates
  • instructions on using the equipment and worksheets to calculate your home energy efficiency
  • a Home Energy Action Plan to record the actions you can take to save energy and reduce your energy bills.


All ACT residents - homeowners, renters and landlords - who are members of the ACT Public Library service can borrow a Home Energy Action Kit to develop their own Home Energy Action Plan.


    Administered by: ACT Government

    Website: Home Energy Action Kit

    Phone: 1300 141 777 

    Request the Home Energy Action Kit at any branch of the ACT Public Library.