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Stand-Alone Power Systems Legislative Amendments – Consultation on Revised National Electricity Rules and National Energy Retail Rules

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In November 2019, Energy Ministers considered the findings of the Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC) Stand-Alone Power Systems Priority 1 final report. They agreed to make a number of changes to national energy laws to support the efficient delivery of stand-alone power systems (SAPS) by distribution network service providers.

Following stakeholder consultation on proposed legislative amendments and agreement from Energy Ministers, the Statutes Amendment (National Energy Laws) (Stand-Alone Power Systems) Bill (Bill) was introduced into the South Australian Parliament in November 2020.

The Bill makes provision for the South Australian Minister to make an initial set of National Electricity Rules (NER) and National Energy Retail Rules (NERR) associated with the amendments on regulated stand-alone power systems.

After completing the 2019 review, the AEMC conducted a further review, which included public consultation, on consequential changes to the NER and NERR that would be required for distribution network SAPS, once the proposed distribution network service provider SAPS law changes were made.

The AEMC published the final report for this review, containing recommended rule changes in May 2020.

Senior Officials are now consulting on changes that reflect the amendments to the rule change package since the AEMC’s 2020 report and subsequent consequential amendments.

These changes are necessary for consistency with the Bill and to accommodate recent changes to the NER. The changes to the NER include the National Electricity Amendment (Wholesale demand response mechanism) Rule 2020 No. 9 (WDR Rule) which will come into effect before the proposed amendments for SAPS Priority 1. Certain changes to the SAPS Priority 1 rules are required to accommodate drafting changes to the NER made by the WDR Rule. Some minor drafting corrections have also been identified and amended.

Senior Officials encourage stakeholders to provide feedback, through a written submission (Word and PDF) on the rule change package. Senior Officials welcome comments from stakeholders, including on whether the amendments will raise any practical implementation or transitional issues.

See the previous consultation on SAPS legislative amendments.


This consultation closed on 6 April 2021. 



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