Access reform through a new Congestion Management Mechanism

ESB is undertaking a comprehensive stakeholder consultation on a proposed whole-of-system Congestion Management Mechanism. This complements jurisdictional Renewable Energy Zones by signalling to investors which parts of the network have spare capacity available and ensuring that we make best use of available capacity in operational timeframes.

Post 2025 DER Implementation Plan – commencement of design and implementation process

The ESB has released the DER Implementation Plan Scope of Work and Forward Project Plan – Horizon One and Customer Insights Collaboration papers calling for research inputs to support Release One activities, and expressions of interest to participate in the Stakeholder Steering Group as part of Release One.

Post 2025 Market Design – Capacity mechanism - Initiation

Following National Cabinet's endorsement of the Energy Security Board's (ESB) final package of reforms, the ESB is carrying out further design work on the proposed capacity mechanism. This will include comprehensive consultation with all relevant stakeholders and interested parties.