Powering forward


The Australian Government plan to introduce a National Energy Guarantee to deliver an affordable and reliable energy system.

Hotel Energy Uplift Program factsheet


The Hotel Energy Uplift Program will deliver $10.2 million in grants to help small and medium hotels reduce their energy use, improve energy productivity and deliver carbon abatement. 

Energy rating labels on space heating appliances - factsheet


The Australian Government will invest $6.5 million to commence the process to introduce an energy rating label to space heating appliances. This measure will deliver up to 15 million tonnes in emissions reductions by 2030.

Business Energy Advice Program Factsheet

The Business Energy Advice Program (BEAP) delivers advice to help small businesses and their representatives get better energy deals and reduce their energy usage.

Energy Smart Toolbox


It is easy to confuse the terms ‘energy management’, ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘energy conservation’. This series of fact sheets clarifies some of the key terms related to energy management with discussion of the associated benefits and issues. Additionally, the key elements of an effective energy management strategy are introduced. This resource will be helpful to those unfamiliar with basic energy management concepts. Clear and concise definitions can also help those writing an energy management related business proposal.

Factsheet topics include:

Stopping the price gouging


The Australian Government is taking action to protect customers from high power prices and the uncompetitive practices of the energy companies.

Retailer Reliability Obligation factsheet


The Retailer Reliability Obligation (RRO) is now in place. It will help ensure a reliable energy system by requiring companies to hold contracts or invest directly in generation or demand response to support reliability in the National Electricity Market (NEM).

The government remains committed to continuing work with the states and territories through the COAG Energy Council to deliver reliable, secure and more affordable energy.