Hotel Energy Uplift Program factsheet


The Hotel Energy Uplift Program will deliver $10.2 million in grants to help small and medium hotels reduce their energy use, improve energy productivity and deliver carbon abatement. 

Achieving Low Energy Existing Commercial Buildings in Australia Report


Energy Ministers agreed on the Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings in 2019. This is a national plan that aims to achieve:

  • zero energy and carbon ready buildings in Australia
  • the National Energy Productivity Plan target of improving energy productivity by 40% by 2030

The report identifies 6 options to achieve this.

The report is by the former Department of the Environment and Energy and the COAG Energy Council.

Energy audits and behaviour change - UnitingCare Community QLD


UnitingCare Community is a Queensland-based provider of community services. After energy audits were completed on a number of its 297 properties, the organisation began energy efficiency improvements as one of its first initiative. At Gipps Street, electricity consumption was high relative to floor area, until changes were made.

Upgrades and behaviour change - Multicultural Services Centre WA


When the Multicultural Services Centre of WA conducted an energy audit, air conditioning showed up as a large cost for the community services organisation. Numerous savings have been made since implementing recommendations like: adjusting thermostats to 22°C in winter, and 20°C in summer; regular cleaning of vents, ducts and skylights; task specific cooling via ceiling fans or portable fans; replacing florescent lighting with light emitting diodes (LEDs).

Energy efficiency improvements - Mercy Services


Mercy Services provides in home and community support to various sectors of the community.  Environmental audits have spurred the organisation to make changes leading to a 16% reduction in gas usage and 23% in electricity usage (23,000 kWh) over a 5 year period. 

Energy efficiency improvements - Kith and Kin


Townsville’s Kath and Kin Association provides opportunities for people with psychiatric and physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries, and people with disabilities.

Energy efficiency improvements - St Ambrose Church


The St Ambrose Church (and its two attached houses) has been part of the Brunswick community for over 140 years. It recently: installed greywater and rainwater systems, insulating ceilings, replaced electric heating with 5 star gas central heating, upgraded lighting, and purchased 100% GreenPower, and has numerous other plans to continue making savings and reducing its environmental footprint. 

Energy efficiency improvements - Generations Church


Generations Church, just north of Cairns, comprises a large hall, served by a large commercial chiller unit; a number of small rooms and offices (all with wall air conditioners) and an adjacent building with toilets, kitchen and a community room. An energy assessment show that for an investment of $2550, the top five opportunities to save could be implemented, bringing projected annual savings of $1430.