Underwriting New Generation Investments program - Consultation Paper

The Australian Government consulted on the Underwriting New Generation Investments program during October and November 2018. The Honourable Minister for Energy, Angus Taylor, hosted a roundtable in Sydney on Wednesday 7 November 2018, and the Department of Environment and Energy hosted a consultation forum in Melbourne on Friday 9 November 2018.

Energy efficiency improvements - Hidden Valley Cabins


At Hidden Valley, 1.5 hours out of Townsville, rising diesel prices prompted this accommodation provider to improve their businesses energy efficiency.  This case study details some of their actions, including changing traditional light bulbs for energy-saving compact fluorescents, and replacing fridges with more energy-efficient models. 

Energy audit and changing irrigation - orchards


The ‘Watts in Your Business’ project conducted by Apple and Pear Australia Ltd completed energy audits of 30 packhouses and orchards Australia-wide. This fact sheet shows how changing irrigaton in orchards can cut energy use and save money.

Level 2 audit - Clarendon on Spence


A Level 2 energy audit at this luxury residential apartment building found thousands of dollars in potential energy savings. A change in energy tariff would reduce power costs, switching to light emitting diodes (LEDs) would save $1247 a year, and putting a timer on a heavy duty exhaust fan in the car park would cut it’s $3000 power costs. Acting on the recommendations quickly saved the body corporate 10% of its energy spend, despite electricity price hikes and significant savings will be reflected over time.

Electricity prices - Factsheets


Fact sheet 1 - Understand electricity costs. Explains the different steps involved in getting electricity to your home and the breakdown of component costs.

Towards a new energy future


Describes the energy-related measured announced in the 2017-18 Portfolio Budget Statements. These measures address how Australians can access reliable and affordable energy as we transition to a low emissions future.

Powering forward


The Australian Government plan to introduce a National Energy Guarantee to deliver an affordable and reliable energy system.