Glazing for non-residential buildings under NCC2019 – products, costs, and market insights – Final Report


This report identifies specifications, performance levels and prices for products typically used in new non-residential construction, giving a good snapshot of the industry as it operates, in line with the requirements of the 2019 National Construction Code.

Energy Efficiency Tools Review


The Energy Efficiency Tools Review report provides a list of software tools used internationally for analysing energy use in the manufacturing, oil, gas, and power generation sectors. These software tools help users find energy savings in their business operations.

Hotel Energy Uplift Program factsheet


The Hotel Energy Uplift Program will deliver $10.2 million in grants to help small and medium hotels reduce their energy use, improve energy productivity and deliver carbon abatement. 

Achieving Low Energy Existing Commercial Buildings in Australia Report


Energy Ministers agreed on the Trajectory for Low Energy Buildings in 2019. This is a national plan that aims to achieve:

  • zero energy and carbon ready buildings in Australia
  • the National Energy Productivity Plan target of improving energy productivity by 40% by 2030

The report identifies 6 options to achieve this.

The report is by the former Department of the Environment and Energy and the COAG Energy Council.

A fair deal on energy


The Australian Government is:

  • delivering an affordable and reliable energy system
  • putting energy consumers first
  • taking real and practical action to reduce emissions and meet our international commitments


A guide to improve energy efficiency at your YMCA Aquatic Centre


Aquatic Centres use an enormous amount of energy. But with efficiency measures, YMCA Spark pilot site Peter Krenz Aquatic Centre managed to cut electricity use by 8.5% and identified opportunities to save a further 20%. This Aquatic Centre found that by being more energy efficient and making some smart energy investments, they could have a reduction off their energy bills of at least $30,000 per year.

Energy audit and refrigeration - packing shed


The ‘Watts in Your Business’ project conducted by Apple and Pear Australia Ltd completed energy audits of 30 packhouses and orchards Australia-wide. This fact sheet shows how refrigeration changes can cut energy use and save money.