Energy and Climate Change Ministerial Council


Consumer Energy Resources Working Group

The interjurisdictional Consumer Energy Resources Working Group (CERWG) delivers advice and measures to support the integration of consumer energy resources into electricity markets and networks to benefit the system and provide increased value to consumers.

Consumer energy resources (CER) are consumers’ resources that generate or store electricity and includes flexible loads that can alter demand in response to external signals. CER includes:

  • rooftop solar
  • batteries
  • electric vehicle chargers
  • controlled loads such as water heaters and air conditioners.

Distributed energy resources (DER) is sometimes used to describe CER, but also includes larger assets such as community batteries installed in the distribution network.

The CERWG will coordinate and/or deliver projects that progress the integration of CER including:

  • developing the frameworks and mechanisms necessary to support the widespread adoption of CER, increase opportunities for consumers to benefit, and to support reliability and security of the electricity system
  • consideration of equity matters related to access to consumer energy resources.

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