Energy trade

Australia is a substantial net exporter of energy, including coal and natural gas, with net exports equating to over two-thirds of production. Around 90% of black coal energy production was exported in 2019-20, as was around 74% of domestic natural gas production and 78% of crude oil production.

Liquefied natural gas exports grew by 6% in in 2019-20 and have grown by an average of 17% per year in the last decade.

Most of Australia’s energy imports are of refined petroleum products and crude oil. Domestic refineries imported over two thirds of their feedstock, while 59% of refined product consumption in Australia was met by imports.

Australian energy trade 2019–20

Picture of Australian energy trade in 2019-20 Picture contains imports on the left and exports on the right. The size of export/import is represented by different sized bubbles. In the centre is a picture of Australia. The graphic reads: on the left: imports (PJ) refined products 1328, crude oil and ORF 696, LPG 21, naturgal gas 180, coal and by-products 19. On the right exports (PJ) coal 11088, natural gas 4393, crude oil and ORF 626, LPG 141, refined products 42.