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South Australia's Virtual Power Plant



With the support of the Government of South Australia, Tesla and electricity retailer Energy Locals are developing the state's Virtual Power Plant (SA VPP), a network of potentially 50,000 solar and Tesla Powerwall home battery systems statewide.

A VPP is a network of distributed energy resources – such as homes with solar and battery systems – all working together as a single power plant.

SA VPP customers have a Tesla Powerwall home battery, with or without solar, installed and maintained at their home, at no cost.

Without changing their energy usage, a typical customer joining SA VPP is expected to save up to $562 (including GST) off their annual electricity bill, whilst helping provide clean energy to the community and supporting the grid.


SA VPP is open to tenants of community housing providers. Tenants living in suitable Housing SA homes will receive information from the government and Tesla to let them know their home has been shortlisted and how to join.


Phone: 08 7100 1294 (Tesla)

Webpage:  SA VPP