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Solar PV panel rebate

Program name:
Solar panel rebate


The Solar Homes Program solar PV rebate assists eligible Victorian households and rental property owners to install solar panels. Not-for-profit community housing providers are also eligible to apply for the rebate on behalf of the tenants.

There is additional assistance offered including no-interest loans to complement the rebate, as well as solar panels for rental properties and solar battery rebates.

The program provides eligible Victorian households with a rebate of up to 50% of the purchase cost to install solar PV panels. The rebate is up to $1,850, currently about half the value of an average 4kW solar PV system.


  • Reduce electricity bills

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Key eligibility

To be eligible for this rebate, you must:

  • be the owner-occupier of the property 
  • the owners have a combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 per year 
  • it is an existing property, valued at under $3 million
  • not have an existing solar PV system.

Not-for-profit community housing providers must meet the Solar Homes criteria for community housing organisations. 

Other conditions may apply.

Next steps

Check your eligibility and apply at:

State Government of Victoria website


Call 1300 376 393