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Medical heating and cooling concession



The Medical Heating and Cooling Concession benefits South Australians on a low income with a medical condition that requires frequent use of heating or cooling to prevent worsening of their condition.

The concession amount is currently $263.15 a year. This amount is indexed each financial year and is available to eligible applicants in addition to the current energy concession.


To be eligible for the MHCC, applicants must:

  • live at the address on the application form
  • have, or be the parent or legal guardian of, a child who has a qualifying medical condition requiring cooling or heating to prevent severe worsening of their condition
  • provide certification from their medical specialist or general practitioner that the medical condition is severely worsened by hot or cold weather
  • use an air conditioning unit at that address to meet their medical heating and cooling requirements
  • be financially responsible for the full or part payment of the energy bill
  • hold an eligible concession card or receive an eligible Centrelink payment.

See the website (below) for full list of eligible cards.


Administered by: Government of South Australia

WebsiteMedical Heating and Cooling Concession

Phone: 1300 735 350 (Medical Heating and Cooling line) or 1800 307 758 (ConcessionsSA Hotline)