Rebates and assistance


Life support energy concession



Concession card holders living in Victoria using a life support machine at home could be eligible for a concession on electricity and water costs.

The concession applies to mains electricity accounts and mains water accounts (for haemodialysis machines only).

The electricity discount is the cost of 1,880 KWh (470 KWh per quarter) of electricity each year, calculated using the general domestic tariff of your retailer.

The water discount for haemodialysis users is the cost of 168 kilolitres (42 kL per quarter) of water each year.


To be eligible for the concession, the electricity or water account holder must use an eligible life support machine or have a household member who uses an eligible support machine.

The account holder must also hold one of the following concession cards:

  • Pensioner Concession Card
  • Health Care Card
  • Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card.

Other conditions may apply.

Eligible life support machines

Approved machines are those that use at least 1,880 KWh of electricity annually. Machines already approved are:

  • Intermittent peritoneal dialysis machines (electricity)
  • Oxygen concentrators (electricity)
  • Haemodialysis machines (electricity and water).

Applications for other machines must be approved by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services.

Most continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) machines do not meet the 1,880 KWh threshold.

Next steps

For an application form you should contact your energy/water corporation, the hospital supplying the life support machine or call the Victorian Government Concessions information line on 1800 658 521 (toll free).

The application form needs to be completed and signed by your doctor, nurse or hospital social worker confirming your use of a life support machine. Once completed, send the form to your electricity retailer and/or water corporation.

To find out more, go to the Victorian Government website or call 1800 658 521.