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Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme



The Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme is for Queenslanders experiencing problems paying their electricity or reticulated natural gas bills as a result of an emergency or a short-term financial crisis.

The scheme offers a one-off payment of up to $720 every 2 years.


To be eligible you must be responsible for paying the outstanding bill and meet one of the following:

  • hold a  current concession card, or
  • have an income equal to or less than the Australian Government’s maximum income rate for part-age pensioners; contact Services Australia or the Department of Veterans' Affairs for details of the maximum income rate
  • be part of your energy provider's hardship program or payment plan.

You must also have experienced:

  • a substantial decrease in your household income (e.g. loss/decrease of employment hours, family separation)


  • high unexpected expenses on essential items.

    You may be asked to provide documents or receipts for repairs/purchases to verify this information.

See Home Energy Emergency Assistance Scheme for all eligibility requirements.


Administered by: Queensland Government

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Phone: 13 74 68