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Home energy audit toolkit

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Home Energy Audit Toolkit


The Home Energy Audit Toolkit helps Tasmanian households assess energy use patterns and make changes to reduce energy use and save money. Many Tasmanian councils offer these on loan, free of charge. The toolkit includes:

  • an energy meter, which plugs into an ordinary three-pin plug and measures an appliance's energy consumption, when it's being used and when it's on standby
  • a stopwatch to measure flow rates of taps in showers and sinks
  • a thermometer to measure temperatures in each room, in fridges and freezers, and of the hot water supply
  • instructions on how to use the tools, and tips on how to take action once you have all the information


  • reduce energy and water use
  • reduce energy and water bills
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Key eligibility

To borrow a Home Energy Audit Toolkit your home must be in Tasmania

Other conditions may apply.

Next steps

Check your eligibility and apply at:

Your local council