Rebates and assistance


Hardship Utility Grant Scheme


The Hardship Utility Grant Scheme (HUGS) assists Western Australian utility customers who are unable to pay their utility bills.

Customers may be eligible for financial assistance through HUGS where payment arrangements and other hardship strategies have been exhausted. Financial assistance through HUGS will be targeted towards Western Australians most in need.


  • You are assessed by your utility provider as being in financial hardship but not in payment difficulty.
  • You have exhausted your options with the utility provider and enter into an arrangement for at least 180 days to address the outstanding debt.
  • After completion of the payment arrangement, your outstanding bill is still more than $300.

If you live south of the 26th parallel (south of Denham), you may be eligible for up to $640 per financial year.

If you live north of the 26th parallel (north of and including Denham), you may be eligible for up to $1,060 per financial year.

The amount of financial assistance through a HUGS grant must not exceed 85% of the amount outstanding on your utility account.

Other conditions apply, please see the HUGS website for details.


Administered by: Government of Western Australia

Website: Hardship Utility Grant Scheme