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Fridge and freezer removal rebate

Program name
Fridge Buyback program


The ActewAGL Fridge Buyback program provides Australian Capital Territory residents and businesses with free removal and recycling of old fridges or freezers for households and businesses.


  • Your old fridge or freezer collected, degassed and recycled for free.
  • If you’re an ActewAGL electricity account holder you’ll also receive a $30 credit on your next electricity bill.

Key eligibility

To be eligible for free removal, you must:

  • live in or own a business the Australian Capital Territory
  • have a single or two door fridge or freezer manufactured before 1996 and in working order
  • have a fridge or freezer that takes less than 15 minutes to remove and involves 20 steps or less

To be eligible for the $30 rebate you must be an ActewAGL electricity account holder.

Up to 3 eligible fridges or freezers can be collected from a residential or business property. If eligible, up to 3 $30 rebates can also apply.

You don’t have to be an ActewAGL electricity account holder to participate.

If it’s estimated to take more than 15 minutes to remove the fridge or freezer or involves 21 steps or more, it’s not eligible for free removal or the $30 credit. Removal can still be arranged but at a cost to the resident or business.

Other conditions may apply.

Next steps

Enquire and apply at:

ActewAGL Fridge Buyback website

Call 1300 136 008