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Container deposit refund scheme - SA


The Container Deposit Scheme enables South Australians to take eligible beverage containers to return points and receive a 10 cent refund for each container. You can choose to keep your refund or donate it to charity.

There are many convenient container return sites across South Australia.


Participants can:

  • reduce waste going to landfill 
  • reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions when the containers are recycled into products
  • reduce litter
  • donate money to charity or keep the refund.


Beverages containers of less than 1L that have a 10 cent deposit are:

  • flavoured milk
  • fruit juice.

Beverage containers up to and including 3L that have a 10 cent deposit are:

  • water - plain, still or carbonated
  • carbonated soft drinks
  • non-carbonated soft drinks including:
    • vitamin drinks
    • sport drinks
    • iced teas
  • alcoholic cider
  • beers/ales/stouts.
  • flavoured alcoholic beverages with a wine or spirit base

It is illegal to return beverage containers sold outside of South Australia for a refund.

Other conditions may apply.

    Next steps

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