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Container deposit refund scheme - NSW


The Return and Earn program enables people in NSW to take eligible beverage containers to return points and receive a 10 cent refund for each container. You can choose to keep your refund or donate it to charity.

There are many convenient container return sites across NSW.


Participants can:

  • reduce waste going to landfill 
  • reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions when the containers are recycled into products
  • reduce litter
  • donate money to charity or keep the refund.


Eligible containers include most glass, PET, HDPE, aluminium, steel or liquid paperboard (cartons) between 150mL and 3L in size. All containers that can be recognised as an eligible container will be accepted.

Other conditions may apply.


    Administered by: NSW Government

    WebsiteReturn and Earn 

    Phone: 1800 290 691