Electric trucks roll out in Sydney

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has launched a fleet of 43 electric trucks this week in Sydney, as part of the Australian Government's Driving the Nation program. 

The high-tech trucks are the first of 60 purchased by Team Global Express as part of their $44.3 million Depot of the Future project. The trucks include 36 Volvo FL’s and 24 Daimler Fuso eCanters. The government has contributed $20.1 million through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), to get the project underway.

The new trucks are replacing a third of Team Global Express’s fleet in western Sydney.

Transport accounts for 20% of Australia's emissions, with trucks and buses responsible for a quarter of those emissions.

As more people buy their groceries and other goods online, the switch to electric trucks will help in decarbonising the delivery vehicle sector.

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Prime Minister’s media release

Photo credit: Team Global Express