Beat the heat

Summer is here, and is shaping up to be a particularly hot one across Australia according to forecasts. Home cooling costs can amount to around 50% of your energy expenses during summer.

Our Summer energy savings guide presents simple ways to save on your energy and water costs, and how to keep cooler over the warmer months.

The guide includes tips on how you can dial down the heat and save energy on your air conditioning, refrigeration, pool and even your lighting. There are also links and contacts to use in the event of a climate emergency situation.

Our Heating and cooling guide includes a round-up of the different types of cooling systems available, so you can be informed about what’s best for your needs.

It’s also worth taking a look at our Rebates sorter to see if there is any current government assistance on cooling upgrades in your state/territory.

One of the easiest ways to reduce energy costs is to compare retailers’ energy offers, so be sure to check our Switch to save page to get started.

We also have a guide for Northern Australia living, to help residents maintain a comfortable home year-round across the 3 northern climate zones. has information to save you energy all year round, at home and at work.