New South Wales

Energy bill relief for vulnerable households

Program name:

Energy Account Payment Assistance scheme

NSW households experiencing difficulty paying their electricity or gas bill could be eligible for a financial support under the Energy Accounts Payments Assistance (EAPA) scheme.

Family energy rebate

Program name:

Family Energy Rebate - NSW

The Family Energy Rebate helps eligible NSW family households with dependent children cover the costs of their energy bills.

Life support energy rebate

Program name:

Life Support Energy Rebate - NSW

The Life Support Energy Rebate (LSER) helps cover the energy costs for eligible NSW customers who need, or have someone living with them who needs to use approved energy-intensive medical equipment at home.

Energy rebate for seniors

Program name:

Seniors Energy Rebate - NSW

The Seniors Energy Rebate is available for eligible independent NSW retirees who hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card to help cover the cost of their electricity.

Low income household rebate

Program name:

Low Income Household Rebate - NSW

The Low Income Household Rebate (LIHR) helps low income NSW households cover the costs of their energy bills.

Medical energy rebate

Program name:

Medical Energy Rebate - NSW

The Medical Energy Rebate helps to cover energy costs for NSW customers who have an inability to self-regulate body temperature when exposed to extreme environmental temperatures.

Battery installation discount

Program name:

Smart Distributed Batteries project

SolarHub, with funding from the NSW Government, is offering a point of sale discount to approximately 650 residential and small business customers to encourage battery installation.

Salon waste repurposing program

Program name:

Waste Free Systems 

The Waste Free Systems program is free and helps hair and beauty salon members to reuse, recycle and reduce waste going to landfill. Assistance includes bins, training for staff and marketing materials.