Wood heater replacement incentive

Program name: 
Actsmart​ Wood Heater Replacement Program


The Wood Heater Replacement Program provides an incentive for Australian Capital Territory residents to replace wood heaters or open fireplaces with an energy-efficient reverse cycle air-conditioner.


  • reduce winter air pollution from wood smoke
  • $1,000 to install a new ducted energy-efficent reverse cycle air-conditioner
  • $500 to install a new reverse cycle split system (minimum 3 star rating)
  • $500 to upgrade an existing older system with a new reverse cycle split system (minimum 3 star rating)
  • $100 to remove and dispose of a wood heater or permanently disable an open fireplace

Key eligibility

To be eligible for this rebate you must:

  • be an ACT ratepayer and the property must be zoned as 'residential'
  • be replacing a wood heater or an open fireplace with a new 3-star or higher rated reverse cycle air-conditioner

Only one rebate is available per property.  Owners of rental properties may also apply.

Other conditions may apply.

Next steps

Check your eligibility and apply at: