Rebates and assistance

Rebates and assistance


Water-efficient showerhead exchange assistance

Program name
Showerhead Swap Program


The Water Corporation Showerhead Swap Program offers some Western Australian domestic customers up to 2 new free water-efficient showerheads in exchange for 2 old inefficient showerheads.


  • improve water efficiency in your home
  • reduce your water and energy bills
  • reduce your environmental impact

Key eligibility

To be eligible for the showerhead exchange you:

  • have to have an account with Water Corporation
  • must bring your old showerhead/s along with a copy of your recent bill from Water Corporation to a swap location near you
  • have to live in one of the towns identified on the Water Corporation’s website
  • must have your landlords permission if you're a tenant and want to change over the showerhead/s

Other terms and conditions may apply.

Next steps

Check your eligibility and apply at:

Water Corporation website

Call 13 10 39

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