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Solar PV and battery assistance

Program name:
Virtual Power Plant

The Virtual Power Plant initiative is now open for South Australians to register their interest. A virtual power plant is created by a network of home solar photovoltaic (PV) and battery systems all working together to generate, store and feed energy back into the grid.

Energy from the home solar PV and battery systems installed will provide electricity for your house. Any excess energy generated by the system will be automatically dispatched to the grid, providing additional energy to the rest of the state when it’s required.


  • lower energy prices
  • provide increased stability to the grid
  • provide protection during a grid outage
  • increase customer's visibility of their energy use via a real-time app
  • reduce your greenhouse gas emissions

Key eligibility

You need to live in a home in South Australia.

Next steps

Check your eligibility and apply at:

Government of South Australia website

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