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Public events recycling support

Program name
Public Event Recycling Program


The free Public Event Recycling Program is available to any event held in the Australian Capital Territory, large or small, including school fetes, community fairs, major music festivals and major sporting events.

Equipment (PDF 4.6MB) to assist your event includes:

  • bin tops
  • flow charts
  • different types of signage and banners
  • water bottle refilling stations
  • grey water containers
  • a secure trailer for delivering and collecting the equipment for your event


Reducing the amount of waste your event sends to landfill gives your event a good reputation and has other direct benefits, including your bottom line. Sending waste to a recycling centre is 50% cheaper than tipping at landfill.

  • reduce energy and water use
  • reduce waste and increase recycling
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • educate and raise awareness of sustainability issues to event patrons

Key eligibility

Your event needs to be held in the Australian Capital Territory, and you need to complete the Memorandum of Understanding.

Other conditions may apply.

Next steps

Apply at:

ACT Government website

Call 132281