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Plastic straw use reduction

Program name
Straws Suck


The Straws Suck campaign is a free program that assists Australian Capital Territory cafes and bars get rid of plastic waste, primarily on single-use plastic straws. Businesses are encouraged to make a pledge to reduce the amount of single-use plastic straws they provide customers.

Single-use plastic straws are harmful to the environment and are regularly in the list of the most littered items. Straws are a harmful and non-recyclable type of waste and as a soft plastic they don't break down, they end up polluting waterways and harming wildlife, and they're made using polluting fossil fuels.


Participating, businesses will:

  • be provided with marketing materials to promote their pledge to customers
  • reduce their costs
  • reduce their impact on the environment
  • contribute to less single-use plastic straws being used and going to land fill
  • create public recognition

Patrons are also encouraged to refuse single-use straws.

Key eligibility

To be eligible your business must be located in the Australian Capital Territory.

Other conditions may apply.

Next steps

Check your eligibility and apply at:

ACT Government website

Call 13 22 81