Rebates and assistance


Energy upgrades tool


If you have done an energy audit, use the energy upgrades tool to find specific funding recommendations and return on investment, based on the outcomes of your audit.

If you have not done an energy audit, use the energy upgrades tool to:

  • find common energy upgrade opportunities related to your business or building type
  • uncover potential savings and return on investment
  • view grants, incentives and finance to help fund the upgrade
  • build a business case to support future upgrade projects, or to obtain an audit in future.

Who this tool is for

  • Small-to-medium business owners, managers or sustainability officers.
  • Local government facility managers.
  • Energy audit consultants acting on behalf of a business.

What you will need

  • Basic information about your business or building.
  • If you’ve completed one, a copy of your energy audit.
  • 5–10 minutes.