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Energy-efficient fridge and television discounts

Program name
Appliance replacement offer


The Appliance replacement offer provides eligible New South Wales households with discounts on new energy-efficient fridges and televisions to replace old inefficient models.


  • 40% discount on the cost of a fridge
  • 50% discount on the cost of a television
  • reduce energy use, save on energy bills and help the environment

Key eligibility

To be eligible for the discount you must:

  • be a New South Wales resident
  • hold one of the following valid concession cards*:
    • Pensioner Concession Card from the Depart of Human Services
    • Low Income Health Care Card from the Department of Human Services
    • Health Care Card from the Department of Human Services
    • Gold Card from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • own a fridge at least 6 years old
  • own a plasma or older-style cathode ray tube (CRT) television

*Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders are not eligible for this offer.

You cannot purchase more than one television and one fridge per household. Televisions are limited to a maximum size of 42 inches (107 centimetres).

If you can’t afford to pay the balance after the discount, you may be eligible to apply for a no interest loan through the No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS).

Other conditions may apply.

Next steps

Check your eligibility and apply at:

NSW Government website