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Energy-efficient air conditioning incentive - Ergon Energy

Program name
PeakSmart air conditioning program


The Ergon Energy PeakSmart air conditioning program provides eligible Queensland households and businesses connected to Ergon’s network with financial incentives of up to $400 for purchasing and installing a PeakSmart air conditioner or converting an existing air conditioner to PeakSmart.

  • $400 cashback – more than 10kW cooling capacity
  • $200 cashback – more than 4kw and less than 10kW cooling capacity


  • Reduce peak electricity demand
  • Reduce your energy use and energy bills
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions


To be eligible for this rebate:

  • your property must be served by the Ergon electricity distribution network
  • you must own or occupy an eligible property
  • you must have a Signal Receiver installed in a PeakSmart Compatible Air-Conditioner at the Eligible Property
  • when the PeakSmart Compatible Air-Conditioner and/or Signal Receiver was installed, any electrical work must have been carried out by a licensed electrical contractor and any air-conditioning installation must have been carried out by a licensed refrigeration and air conditioning mechanic
  • your PeakSmart Compatible Air-Conditioner must not be connected to Tariffs 31 or 33.

Other conditions may apply.

Next steps

Check your eligibility and apply at:

Ergon website

Call 1300 977 421