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Energy-efficient air conditioning incentive - Energex


The Energex PeakSmart air conditioning program provides south-east Queenslanders with financial incentives of up to $400 for purchasing a PeakSmart air conditioner or converting an existing one to PeakSmart. Please note, incentives may differ depending on which category you belong to. 

You can receive:

  • $400 for purchasing and installing a PeakSmart air conditioner with 10 kW or more cooling capacity
  • $200 purchasing and installing a PeakSmart air conditioner with 4 kW to less than10 kW cooling capacity.

Up to 5 financial incentives can be claimed, if more than 5 are claimed, they will be reviewed at the discretion of Energex. 


To be eligible for this rebate:

  • your property must be in Queensland
  • your property must be served by the Energex electricity distribution network.

Other conditions may apply.


Administered by: Energex

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Phone: 13 12 53