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Electric bike loan scheme


The Canberra Electric Bike Library offers different styles of bikes you can borrow and ride. The bikes can come fitted with accessories such as child seats, panniers, lights and locks so that you’re all set to carry what you need.

Whether you'd like a bike for carrying heavy loads, an electric cargo bike as a second car alternative, or a family bike for transporting your kids and shopping, there’s something for you to try.

You will be advised based on your individual needs and accounting for bike availability. Bikes will be available to borrow for a 2 week period, without charge except for a small fee for insurance.

Canberra Electric Bike Library is a pilot project operated by SEE-Change and Switched on Cycles. It's supported by the ACT Government.

'We’ve been blown away by interest in these bikes and as a result they are booked out for quite some time. We are working at ways to expedite loans so please be patient with our small team!'


Participants can:

  • save money on running a car and paid parking
  • reduce carbon footprint
  • improve health
  • reduce traffic congestion.


Conditions may apply.

Next steps

Apply at the SEE-Change website or call 02 6162 2320.