Commercial building energy-efficiency grants

Program name: 
Better Commercial Buildings


The Better Commercial Buildings program provides matched funding assistance up to $30,000 to improve the performance of commercial buildings in Victoria.

Commercial building owners, agents, tenants and facility managers keen to identify and implement energy-efficiency upgrades that lead to an improvement in building performance are encouraged to apply.

Commercial buildings can include offices, hotels, retail and data centres, and some mixed use buildings.

Receive matched funding assistance up to a total of $30,000 for works completed/ overseen/measured/assessed by a service provider, up to:

  • $5000 for energy audits
  • $20,000 for implementing improvements
  • $5000 for post-installation checking


    Better building performance can lead to:

    • savings in energy costs
    • increased tenant satisfaction and lower vacancy rates
    • reduced maintenance costs
    • increased asset value
    • increased rental returns
    • improved occupant health, well-being and comfort

    Key eligibility

    Eligible commercial buildings must be in Victoria and have an Australian Valuation Property Classification Code (AVPCC 2018). The following building classification codes are eligible:

    • 21 Retail
    • 22 Office
    • 23 Short term business and tourist accommodation
    • 24 Hospitality
    • 25 Entertainment
    • 26 Tourism facilities/infrastructure
    • 27 Personal services
    • 28 Vehicle car parking, washing and sales

    Under the PCA Guide to Office Building Quality 2012, all buildings except ‘Premium’ and ‘Grade A’ (or equivalent) are eligible.

    Other conditions may apply.

    Next steps

    Check your eligibility and apply at:

    State Government of Victoria  website