Rebates and assistance


Business efficiency assistance


The Northern Territory Smarter Business Solutions Program program assists Indigenous enterprises, businesses and not-for-profit organisations reduce day-to-day energy, water, waste and material costs.

The Smarter Business Solutions program offers different types of support including:

  • advice on current efficient technologies and practices
  • a walk-through site survey to identify potential savings opportunities
  • grants to encourage and support cost savings or initiatives:
    • up to 50% of the cost for efficiency improvements - maximum of $20,000
    • up to 20% for the installation of off-grid renewable energy systems - maximum of $20,000
    • up to 10% for the installation of on-grid renewable energy systems - maximum of $10,000*

*On-grid means 'connected to' or 'availability of' an electricity network.


To be eligible for this rebate, your organisation must be an Indigenous enterprise, an NT business or a not-for-profit organisation and meet the following criteria:

  • be physically located and actively trading in the NT for 12 months with an ABN and remitting GST
  • have an annual turnover between $75,000 and $20 million
  • not be on a domestic tariff if connected to an electricity grid
  • have less than 200 employees
  • have not received equivalent funding from a previous similar support program
  • agree to participate in a follow-up evaluation survey including a savings assessment
  • accept the terms of the Buy Local Plan as identified in the agreement section of the application.

If you are a franchise or multinational business you should speak to a small business champion before you apply.

Other conditions may apply.

Next steps

Check your eligibility and apply at the Northen Territory Government website or call 08 8999 5479.