Battery storage registration incentive - Energex

Program name: 
Energex battery energy resource register incentive


The Energex battery energy resource register incentive provides eligible south east Queensland households with a one-off financial incentive for registering eligible battery energy storage systems on the Queensland Government battery storage database.


  • one-off $50 payment for registering eligible battery energy storage systems
  • assists with managing the electricity network during peak demand

Key eligibility

To be eligible for this incentive, you must: 

  • be an Energex customer in southeast Queensland
  • be either the registered owner of the property or the occupier of the property and have obtained the owner of the property’s consent to submit an application form
  • have an eligible battery energy storage system installed at the property
  • have a battery energy storage system connection agreement
  • complete the online application form before 1 January 2019

Other conditions may apply.

Next steps

    Check your eligibility and apply at:

    Energex website

    Call 13 12 53