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Air conditioning upgrade incentive for households


Eligible NSW households can receive a discount on installing an energy-efficient air conditioning system or replacing an old air conditioning system with a more energy-efficient model under the Energy Savings Scheme.

The upgrades are provided by approved suppliers throughout NSW. When you contact an approved supplier, they will confirm whether they operate in your location and assist with the incentive.

You will need to make a minimum payment towards the cost of your new air conditioning system and the installation services. The final cost will vary depending on the model you choose, the design of your home and the services provided. 


To be eligible for the discount you must:

  • live in NSW
  • use an approved supplier.

Other conditions may apply. 

For more information including the steps you need to follow to get the upgrade, go to the NSW Climate and Energy Action website.


Administered by: NSW Government

Website: NSW Climate and Energy Action