A rebate, a reduction in the cost of an item or service.

Life support energy rebate

Program name:
Life Support Energy Rebate - NSW

The Life Support Energy Rebate (LSER) helps cover the energy costs for eligible NSW customers who need, or have someone living with them who needs to use approved energy-intensive medical equipment at home.

Energy rebate for seniors

Program name:
Seniors Energy Rebate - NSW

The Seniors Energy Rebate is available for eligible independent NSW retirees who hold a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card to help cover the cost of their electricity.

Low income household rebate

Program name:
Low Income Household Rebate - NSW

The Low Income Household Rebate (LIHR) helps low income NSW households cover the costs of their energy bills.

Medical energy rebate

Program name:
Medical Energy Rebate - NSW

The Medical Energy Rebate helps to cover energy costs for NSW customers who have an inability to self-regulate body temperature when exposed to extreme environmental temperatures.

Life support concession

Program name:
Life support concession - Tasmania

The life support concession provides a daily discount to eligible Tasmanian customers who use an approved life support system or who live with someone who uses such a system in their principal place of residence.

Medical cooling or heating concession

Program name:
Medical cooling or heating concession - Tasmania

A daily discount is available to eligible Tasmanian customers who have, or who live with a person who has, a medical condition that requires the cooling or heating of the customer's principal place of residence.

Energy bill relief for concession card holders

Program name:
Power Saving Bonus

The $250 Power Saving Bonus (PSB) is a one-off $250 payment to provide direct support to vulnerable Victorian households experiencing energy bill stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Battery installation discount

Program name:
Smart Distributed Batteries project

SolarHub, with funding from the NSW Government, is offering a point of sale discount to approximately 650 residential and small business customers to encourage battery installation.