Water efficiency

Business energy and water-efficiency

Program name:

Business Energy and Water Program

The Business Energy and Water Program offers eligible ACT businesses rebates to upgrade to more water-efficient and energy-efficient technologies. Rebates up to $5000 are available.

Business and organisation water-efficiency check

Program name:

Water Use Health Check

The Water Use Health Check helps businesses, government operations and not-for-profit organisations in the Darwin region to reduce water use and bills by assessing how efficiently they use water.

Home energy and water-efficiency assistance

Program name:

Home Energy Efficiency Program

The Home Energy Efficiency Program provides eligible low-income ACT households with a practical approach to help them reduce their energy and water bills.

Plant selector web tool

Program name:

Waterwise plants

The Water Corporation Waterwise plants web tool  makes it easier for Western Australians to choose plants that are suited to their local soil and weather conditions.

Sustainable technology installation rebates

Program name:

Sustainability Incentives Scheme

City of Adelaide residents, businesses, and groups can apply for rebates for the installation of sustainable technologies in their home or building.

Business efficiency assistance

Program name:

Smarter Business Solutions Program

The Northern Territory Smarter Business Solutions program assists Indigenous enterprises, businesses and not-for-profit organisations reduce day-to-day energy, water, waste and material costs.

Home and business energy incentives

Program name:

Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme

The Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS) supports SA households and businesses in reducing their energy costs. It will also support the state’s transition to a modern, flexible energy system. The REPS also focuses on low-income households.

Building finance for environmental upgrades

Program name:

Environmental Upgrade Finance

The Victorian Environmental Upgrade Finance offers a free finance facilitation service to all businesses, property owners, tenants, councils and community groups seeking to invest in energy efficiency upgrades, renewable energy, water and waste efficiency improvements.