Water efficiency

Showerhead swap

Program name
Showerhead Swap Program

Households in select Western Australian towns can swap up to 2 old inefficient showerheads for new water-efficient models for free.

Plant selector web tool

Program name
Waterwise plants

The Water Corporation Waterwise plants web tool  makes it easier for Western Australians to choose plants that are suited to their local soil and weather conditions.

Farm productivity and sustainability loan

Program name
Farm Innovation Fund

The Farm Innovation Fund and is a long-term, low interest rate loan of up to $1 million for New South Wales farmers to improve permanent on-farm infrastructure.

Broadacre farm water audit

Program name
Farm Water Supply Planning Scheme

The Farm Water Supply Planning Scheme assists eligible Western Australian broadacre farmers with a rebate to have a water audit done.

Energy-efficient equipment capital lease finance for business

Program name
Sustainable Finance for Energy Solutions

The Sustainable Finance for Energy Solutions scheme assists Victorian businesses take a up capital lease. A capital lease is a contract where a financier buys energy efficiency equipment for a business who pays it back over time.

Peak industry groups efficiency and sustainability grants

Program name
Lead Educate Assist Promote Grants

The Lead Educate Assist Promote Grants of up to $50,000 assists eligible South Australian peak industry bodies, associations and coordinated business groups to promote efficiency sustainable business practices to constituents.

Business and organisation energy efficiency and sustainability grants

Program name
Resource Efficiency and Productivity

The Resource Efficiency and Productivity grants assist eligible South Australian businesses and not-for-profit organisations operating in South Australia with grants of up to $10,000 in the areas of energy efficiency and productivity, waste management and water use.

Business energy efficiency incentives

Program name
Victorian Energy Upgrades

The Victorian Energy Upgrades program helps businesses save energy and money with a range of discounts and special offers on selected energy-saving products and services.

Water use checking assistance

Program name
Water Use Health Check

The free Water Use Health Check helps Katherine businesses, organisations and government reduce water use and water bills.

Irrigation service

Program name
Irrigation system check

The Irrigation service provides eligible customers that live in the South West, Great Southern and North West regions are eligible for a free irrigation service.