Renewable power incentives

Program name:

Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme

Households and small businesses across Australia that install a small scale renewable energy system (solar, wind or hydro) or eligible hot water system may be able to receive a benefit under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) to help with the purchase cost.

Battery installation discount

Program name:

Smart Distributed Batteries Project

SolarHub, with funding from the NSW Government, is offering a point of sale discount to approximately 650 residential and small business customers to encourage battery installation.

Energy bill relief for households, Victoria

Program name:

Energy Bill Relief Fund

The Australian Government and state and territory governments are working together to provide targeted electricity bill relief to eligible households and small businesses.

Loans for home energy efficiency upgrades

Program name:

Sustainable Household Scheme

The Sustainable Household Scheme provides zero-interest loans to eligible ACT home owners to help with the costs of energy-efficient upgrades.

Home, business and community organisation solar PV and battery grants

Program name:

Home and Business Battery Scheme

The Home and Business Battery Scheme provides a $6,000 grant to Northern Territory homeowners, businesses, not-for-profit and community organisations for the purchase and installation of solar PV systems with an eligible battery and inverter, or for those who already have solar, for the purchase and installation of an eligible battery and inverter.

No-interest loans for energy efficiency investment

Program name:

Energy Saver Loan Scheme

The Energy Saver Loan Scheme provides no-interest loans to eligible applicants to ease the up-front cost of making energy efficient investments in your home, business or organisation.